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The Jewelsify Difference

Selected by hand, rarest of the world’s diamonds
are eligible to become a Jewelsify diamond.
Jewelsify diamonds are venerable for their beauty
and rarity, each is genuine, untreated and natural.
Each one is responsibly sourced, and then precisely
cut, polished and graded before it can be inscribed
with proprietry technology that makes it
Uniquely Yours.
Jewelsify rejects over
90% of the
world’s gem-grade
Jewelsify diamonds are cut
in the most exact proportions
to achieve the ideal balance
of brilliance and superiority.
Maintaining its
5th generation legacy,
Jewelsify diamond collection
is hand crafted and hand
polished, because it
deserves the best craftsmanship.
The beauty of Jewelsify’s diamonds can be explained by the strict quality standards that
goes above the popular, but over simplified 4C’s. Jewelsify frequently rejects stones
that would be accepted by others and concentrate on unique 5th element, which impacts a diamond’s
mysterious allure, scintillation and dispersion in an outstanding way.
With 5 generations
of experience,
Jewelsify offers diamond
proficiency you can trust.
Jewelsify’s magnificent grading standards are reflected in the world renowned IGI, GIA and HRD
Diamond Certificate. A promise we stand behind with our lifetime warranty.
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